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Situated along the Gulf of Mexico, on the northern part of the Yucatan peninsula, is the port city of Progreso. Further inland from the port lies the real treasures and heart of this port city. From the ancient ruins of Uxmal to the unique city of Merida, Progreso offers tourists many sights to marvel at and experiences to remember for a lifetime. At Progreso, Shore Excursions Group presents several trips to different cultural and historical sites important to Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula. Travel to and discover Izamal, a city with completely yellow painted buildings; or explore Merida, a city with stone-carved buildings. Uxmal is a mysterious city with ancient Mayan pyramids. Retreat to Real Hacienda to learn what life was like in a traditional hacienda, or visit the world-famous Chichen Itza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World adorned with ancient Mayan temples and pyramids.