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Due to its past, Barbados has become a place like no other in the world. There is no denying that it looks like an island with its white sanded beaches and bright blue waters; however, there are underlying cultural influences that come from British that make this place so special. Barbados, also known as “Little England,” has become a popular vacation destination because of its unique mix of cultures. We offer a variety of Barbados cruise excursions, so you can experience this unique country in its entirety. Rise above the tree line and zip through this beautiful paradise by booking our Zipline shore excursion. Go on an adventure as you ride around the island on a horse getting to see all the natural beauty Barbados has to offer with our Exclusive Horseback Ride cruise tour. See all the major highlights of Barbados, both from land and sea, with our Best of Barbados tour excursion – now being offered here at a special price! All of our Barbados excursions are sure to please.

The tropical island climate almost guarantees year-round hot and humid weather. From December to April, expect temperatures ranging from the mid-80s to a low of 75, clear skies and a lower chance of rain in the winter and spring months. If you’re comfortable with an isolated rain shower and looking to save money, book a Barbados vacation between June and November and put your savings to an unforgettable Caribbean vacation and plenty of Barbados shore excursions. You do not need a visa to visit Barbados, simply a valid passport—however, cruise ship passengers who stay less than 24 hours do not need a passport. Book quality Barbados tours with Shore Excursions Group today!